plastic water pipe in concrete floor in malaysia

plastic water pipe in concrete floor in malaysia

Pluing on slab floor [ 1 Answers ] I want to install a toilet, shower and vanity on concrete floor. I have water but want to know the best way to proceed. Drill holes in concrete or build up the floor. This a HDPE building. This near the edge so I could dig under the

If it is drainage then you may have to wrap black "pipe wrap" tape where it penetrates the concrete floor, although you would be the first person I have heard of who had to do it. If it is going through "grade beams" in the floor, you have to wrap it with foam ribbon or rubber pipe insulation.

23/11/2012 No guys, the floor in the house is being raised. It will be done in concrete but the screed on top. It''s quite hard to explain the layout but there''s no other way the pipe can be laid, so a small section, 1 meter will need to go across and then up through the concrete.

91 • For rain water down pipe penetrations, before laying the horizontal bitumen merane, an additional small piece of merane should be stuck to the inside of the pipe penetration while the top is cut and laid horzontal. Both top and bottom portion should be 50

6/11/2012 PATCHING PUNCTURED PEX Everyone I’ve talked to who has in floor heat says they love it. Heat radiating from the floor feels like sun warming your back on a summer day. And it sure beats convection current coolly wafting past you, blown from a distant forced

Pipe relining for damaged pipes under a concrete slab A second option involves placing a new lining inside the cracked pipe under the concrete slab to seal the leak and establish a strong, long lasting inner layer, preventing wastewater escaping in the future.

2/3/2017 I am in the process of redoing and moving my water main. I am using 1" PEX. And I was told it was best to use a sleeve through the wall. So I drilled a 2" hole through the basement concrete. And I have a 1 5/8" PVC sleeve to use. What should I use to seal both Puhui Pipe manufacturer in China

Pipe and Fittings Products Manufacturer Malaysia Pipe and Fittings Products Distributor Malaysia SANSICO INDUSTRIES SDN BHD +603 7859 7299 HDPE Irrigation pipe About Us Products Project Gallery Downloads Puhui Pipe manufacturer in China

21/4/2008 Hi All, I need to dig about 30mm into out kitchen floor for a length of about 2m. So Corgi guy can come in and lay gas pipes. It''s a 1930s Semi so I think it''s a suspended floor. Tried digging the concrete out using a hammer and chisel but didn''t get very far Could go Puhui Pipe manufacturer in China

I want to set the central heating pipes into the floor. It is a concrete floor with lots of flints and stones in it. 9" grinder with diamond blade is minimum. Stihl saw water cooled is better Puhui Pipe manufacturer in China

7/4/2010 A friend that works in construction came out and assisted with sawing through the wood and concrete floor to loe and fix the pipe and patch the concrete. It was a very messy job. I then had to pay to have the floor repaired. Brent hadiya hyderabad, Mexico Puhui Pipe manufacturer in China

22/1/2006 One contractor says to put plastic under the concrete, it prevents moisture from coming up into the concrete. The other contractor says NO Way, No plastic, holds the water in the concrete during the drying process and can leave webbing like visual affect in finish of concrete.

The Speedfit conduit pipe which provides a cover and blanket for when Speedfit PEX or Polybutylene pipe are installed in concrete or masonary. Burst Pressure (fittings) With copper or plastic pipe at 20 C: Speedfit fittings used with copper or Speedfit Barrier Pipe will withstand pressures well in excess of normal service conditions. Puhui Pipe manufacturer in China

pipe protection in slab?

Your pipes should be one piece under the concrete, but the PVC you would use is rigid so you would not be able to "bend" the piping at either end to come out of the floor. Armorflex protects the pipe, but it also insulates it so the hot water does not heat the ground before it arrives at your faucet.

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7/6/2017 Copper pipes in concrete slab, Copper pipes are generally last 50 years or more. It is resistant to corrosion. It has anti bacterial properties, and it is an economically and environmentally sound choice for potable water supply lines.

slump while maintaining a low water content in the mixture. This is particularly important in cold weather when delayed set results in prolonged bleeding. b. NEVER sprinkle or trowel dry cement into the surface of plastic concrete to absorb bleed water. Remove

22/8/2008 The contractor wants to put a 1" water line, regular white PVC for irrigation, buried directly into the slabPuhui Pipe manufacturer in China there is a LOT of pipe. I told him he needs to sleeve it or wrap it, but that it can''t be in direct contact with concrete. He says I am crazy. Do any of you have a

These are the building regs you require (water regs schedule 2.7 and bswhat pipe is used for water supply?) I would advise on sleeping all pipework and fittings in concrete. Hi, are there building regs about running a plastic feed pipe through a concrete floor? i.e does it have to be ducted? I know Puhui Pipe manufacturer in China

Clear Concrete From Drain Pipes A common problem is how to clear concrete from drain pipes. As with many construction sites and new home building sites, during the construction operations, in order to maintain machinery and equipment in the good working order it is often washed down after use. Puhui Pipe manufacturer in China

Laying of Pipe in Concrete and Masonry Speedfit pipe and fittings can be laid in concrete and masonry provided they are installed in conduit pipe with access boxes for the fittings. As stated in Water Regulation Schedule 2.7 and BSwhat pipe is used for water supply? : Part 15, fittings and

20/7/2007 There is no other sensible route for the pipes so I have dug the floor up to repair them and I am considering using 15 mm plastic pipe rather than copper. The total run is about 3 meters and they will be about 3 or 4 inches under the floor.

21/1/2007 The water regs do say that plastic pipe for pluing should be replaceable. (ie pull one piece out of the conduit and shove another piece in) Don''t ask me why they make this stipulation but it''s not such a big deal.

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